Deeply Rooted…

2013 ZumwaltGalleryLogoButton
Well, here we are the last day of 2012. As most often happens at the end of any year, I begin thinking of how to make the next year better than the previous…and also make those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. 🙂

Last year at this time, I promised myself to be more organized and to use old fashioned hand-writing (aka: NOT typing). When I sat down to reflect on this past year, I can actually say “yes” – I kept to my resolutions. Yay!

This year, I resolve to stay true to my roots. So much time has been spent over the past several years paining over what logo to use for Zumwalt Gallery…or even changing the name. By mid-December (this year), I thought we had it all finalized – new logo, fresh fonts…etc. Then, while at my favorite local cafe with my husband, I picked up a wedding edition of a local magazine. When I turned one of the pages, my heart sank…another photographer’s logo was almost exactly what we had just designed, almost to a “T”. I was crushed…so much time had been spent designing everything, and the last thing we had was any extra time with only days left of 2012. So, last night I sat down and thought about what the Zumwalt Gallery logo should symbolize…what I realized, is that I had been thinking too hard. 🙂

The name Zumwalt Gallery was chosen for my photography business in the early 90’s in honor of my husband’s grandfather, Clerin W Zumwalt (aka: Zumie). Zumie was the first naturalist for Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) on the coast of California. Among many other things, Zumie had spent countless hours photographing wildlife at ACR…and did so because of his love of his subjects and his love of the art of photography. Upon remembering why I decided long ago to name the business Zumwalt Gallery, the matter of the name change was settled…we are keeping the name!

Zumwalt, broken down by meaning simply means “of the forest”: Zum (to or of) Walt (the forest)

Well…what else best represents a forest other than a tree? Our Zumwalt Gallery tree logo now reflects our deep roots in family and love for photography. It was family who inspired me to begin this career: my mom who talked about the fun she had developing photos in the dark room in high school, my aunt who gave me my first library set of Kodak photography books, my father-in-law who continues his father’s passion for landscape and wildlife photography…and of course, Zumie, whose eyes would sparkle instantly when he spoke of nature or photography.

Roots are the true foundation of any long-lasting relationship. Our business is deeply rooted in faith, family, and friends. I am proud that our symbol will tell our clients exactly what our foundation is built on. 🙂

Now…let’s go out there and CREATE A GREAT 2013!


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